About Emko

Meet the maker: 

Person standing next to tall sunflower

While in college, it occurred to me that I spent more time gardening, cooking, crafting, making things - hands on, fully immersive activities, than I did on my actual studies.

I spent the following years nourishing those interests, and moved to Austin in 2016 to further my education in metalsmithing, particularly working in Argentium silver (more on that here!).


My most people would say I am a resourceful problem solver and have a thirst for knowledge; why does that exist in that form?
What is its purpose? How was this made?
Where did it come from?

It’s fascinating to me that silver and gold can be melted down to be re-worked and gemstones can be re-set in new pieces, giving jewelry and jewels a new life. We have been adorning ourselves with jewelry as a form of self expression for millenia. With each new cycle, the pieces reflect the style, time, and projections of the wearer. As a child, I would take things apart, tinker with them, maybe fix them (or not), all so I could satisfy my desire to learn tactically.
I've honed my skills in metalsmithing by creating pieces I would want to purchase for myself, resulting in a practical and playful style; not too precious to wear every day yet daring to still make a statement. Most of my work is crafted from tarnish-resistant Argentium silver, perfect for our humid climate!

With a recent Jewelry certificate from ACC, I'm excited to explore lost wax casting, mixed metals, faceted stones, and kinetic movement in my future pieces.

I enjoy many slow paced, "retiree" activities like jigsaw puzzles (2,000 piece minimum), birdwatching (novice), drinking wine in my front yard while chatting with neighbors, long walks and gardening.