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Ring sizer

Ring sizer

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Not sure of your size? Size change?

Purchase one of these simple, easy to use "belt" style sizers. It's fairly accurate, as it will show you the nearest whole or half size from 1 to 17. Sizer is sturdy and can be reused many times.

Note, our finger size change much like the rest of our bodies. How rings fit may feel different in the morning, in colder weather, when we've been working outside , etc.

When deciding what size fits you best, consider if you wear your rings around the clock or take them off every night or when handwashing. Do you like a more snug fit? Or a looser fit?

All rings listed can be resized a quarter or half a size up (ie from 6.75 to 7) but cannot be resized down (ie 5.5 to 5). 


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